Game publisher 

We turn our game concepts into reality. We carry out all the steps necessary to create the game.  The design phase allows us to carry out the Game Design and to evaluate its "fun" potential.  Then, during the development phase, we make the graphics,  the game's algorithm and soundtrack to make it come true. We test our games throughout the development phase to achieve quality games with minimal bugs. Finally, all that remains is to publish the game and implement the marketing plan. We then carefully follow all your opinions to help us improve our games :-)                      

Our vision of the future

From our solid knowledge in mobile application development, we are developing expertise in the field of connected devices

We have developed an ambitious plan for 2023 to offer you Alexa, Siri and Google compatible applications for the AI part and available on new media (Apple Watch, Amazon ECHO and GOOLE devices).

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Thousands of users worldwide

Already more than 425,000 downloads in 145 countries 

Baby discovers the piano

Let your child's creativity express itself through this musical, playful and colorful game. By associating piano notes with animal sounds, baby will give free rein to his imagination with joy and enthusiasm. Share a moment of complicity: a simple gesture of the finger reveals the sound of each animal. Teach your baby to recognize them and compose his first melodies!

Drawing Book

Looking for an easy-to-use sketchbook? This application is made for you ! Put some color in your life.

Quickly discover the features :-) 


This coloring book is full of cute little animals to color. 

Coloring develops children's creativity, it is also a good way to relax and express emotions. 

A good way to keep your child busy and entertained  !

The co-founders


CEO of Kiwisapp

15 years of experience in the development and management of software teams in a large new technologies company, including 9 years in the development of games and mobile applications.  


CTO of Kiwisapp

More than 20 years of experience in the development and architecture of complex software for a large new technology company.

Passionate about math, science and drawing (including 3D graphics).

Developing mobile games for over 10 years.